BI Solution for your organization.
Smarter BI powerful, easy-to-use solution.

We offer dataware house solution and BI tools for complete client satisfication

Custom reports and user based dashboard for personalized analytic experience.

Build Your Data Warehouse

Say hello to your one-stop, data analytics platform and goodbye to outdated slow databases: VeriDevi lets you discover and pitch relevant data in a much more targeted way than legacy analytic systems.

Big Data Analytics

Effective data analysis through performance indicators and their dimensions.

Visualization System

This system is used to visualize analytical data for users.Users can see the relevant information easily from anywhere.

Reporting System

Building and sharing reports has never been easier, and since they’re automatically kept up-to-date you can finally stop spending time maintaining outdated reports.

Geographic Analysis

Ability to run geographic queries on map. Detailed analysis and visualization with dot and heat maps.

Monitor Data Change

Never miss a beat: Get alerts whenever values are out of user defined boundaries. You’ll instantly know what to look, trends that affects your organization.

A Straight Forward Structure for Powerful Reporting.

Our propose is low startup cost and the typically lower ongoing maintenance/support cost. Easy to maintain with open source code, simple architecture and commonly known technology stack.

Thanks to simple and robust architecture our tool can be tailored according to organization's exact needs.

Alerts & Notification
Clean & Modern Reports
Advanced Analytics
Custom Querying
Custom Dashboards
100% Fully Responsive
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Learn what is going on in your organization.

Share with your team and instantly analyze. Take your custom reports with beautiful diagrams.

With advanced data analytics capabilities it is easy to make sense of your data. If needed you can use ready-made quick reports for your organization.

Tuned for high performance never wait for your report to build.

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Our Benefits

VeriDevi is simple, reliable, maintainable, open source and lightweight BI tool and data warehouse solution.